Paula and finn

My name is Paula Cleary. I’m a mother-of-five and have been hanging around mothers and babies for the last fifteen years, first as a children’s nursery assistant more recently by having my own children who I home-educate along with my lovely husband Pete.

Becoming a mother changes the very fabric of your being. With every pregnancy and birth, I have grown and changed into a new woman. Each time it seems there are different lessons to learn, new insights to life, new blessings, new challenges. My children have been my greatest teachers and I am eternally grateful to them for inspiring me and keeping me humble and on my toes!

I have walked alongside and witnessed the motherhood journeys of many friends along the years and seen the spectrum of motherhood first-hand and up-close. I have held hands, wiped away tears, belly-laughed, listened, celebrated and grieved alongside them. I have also challenged and asked difficult questions, prompting opportunities for growth, and understand that there are no hard and fast answers to parenting. There’s no map, no right way. Each new set of parents has to find their own path, and I fully support that journey and the process of learning. As a doula, I understand that your story and your journey is absolutely unique. My job is to help you navigate your birthing journey in a way that is right for you.

I have enjoyed my pregnancy and births so much that it has been the most natural thing in the world for me to extend that joy into helping others. Over the years I have supported a number of friends during their pregnancies and births, and started formal Doula Training with Nurturing Birth in 2011. Since then I have also studied with Virginia Bobro from Birthing From Within, and attended a number of day courses to deepen my understanding of birth physiology, psychology and birthing safety. My training will never end, since every new woman is an entirely unique person with entirely unique needs. Each birthing is an education in itself!

I aim to help you find your own flow, and to dance your own dance with your new baby and partner.

Last year, I launched my Go With The Flow Mindfulness Cards and Guidebook via my sister website Go With The Flow Birth School

They are proving very popular with individual mamas and I am receiving amazing feedback from antenatal teachers who use them in their class.

I am now bringing my unique Go With The Flow Method to more women by teaching my own Antenatal Classes in Kings Lynn. Please refer to my facebook page for details of upcoming classes