Paula and finn

My name is Paula. I live in north Cambridgeshire with my lovely husband Pete, our 5 wonderful children, and a bonkers fluffy dog called Martha.

I’m a doula, women’s rights activist, Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and founder of a campaign called Birthplace Matters.

I am also the author of Go With The Flow Mindfulness For Pregnancy and Birth Cards and Guidebook, and app, which you can buy via my sister website Go With The Flow Birth School

Becoming a mum has been the most amazing, fun, healing, inspiring, challenging and transformational journey – each pregnancy and birth has taught me so much. By working as a doula it is wonderful to be able to pay it forwards and help other parents. Since I first trained as a doula in 2011 with Nurturing Birth, I’ve been helping mothers to give birth, with several repeat clients.

Supporting you no matter how fresh to parenting or experienced you may be is my passion and I believe that each family has its own unique path and birth dance to follow – there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

By listening to you and your partner, I can help you to navigate the maze of birth choices, providing signposts to evidence-based information, so you can put birth plans in place which will help the magic to flow no matter the setting or circumstances of your baby’s birth.

During your birth I will be a rock for your family to lean on.

My deepest wish is to make the journey a little lighter, easier, more gentle and fun for you, as you transition into this new part of your lives. You will see from the testimonials on this website from parents I have supported, examples of that wish in action!