Paula and finn

My name is Paula. I am a doula, mother of 5, activist and writer.

I have walked alongside and witnessed the motherhood journeys of many friends along the years and seen the spectrum of motherhood first-hand and up-close. I have held hands, wiped away tears, belly-laughed, listened, celebrated and grieved alongside them. I have also challenged and asked difficult questions, prompting opportunities for growth, and understand that there are no hard and fast answers to parenting.

Supporting mothers is my passion and it is a pleasure to give something back after learning from so many other incredible women over my lifetime.

In my work as a doula I draw on my own personal experiences as a mother of five children, as a grass-roots activist, as a supporter of other mothers and as a woman who has herself had to navigate the challenges of being a maternity user.

I am aware that each mother has her own unique path and birth dance to follow.  I understand that each pregnancy and birth needs supporting idiosyncratically and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all template for birth.

My aim is to help mothers to find their flow and become more confident in following their instincts and intuition. Whilst exploring the full range of pregnancy and birth options and rights, in my role as a doula and birth educator, I open doorways for them to access more information and support than they might get through NHS channels alone. As well as the caring side to my role as a doula, I signpost mothers to explore what really matters to them and their partners as they put birth plans in place which align with their values, needs and wants, so they have the best chance on the day of birth going how they wish.

Campaigning was an activity I did not consciously seek out to do, and I jokingly call myself an ‘accidental activist’ but I am grateful for the chance to do something positive and constructive to protect mother’s rights in the face of daft policies and short-sighted budget departments.

When the QE hospital in King’s Lynn removed its homebirth service I made waves by campaigning and setting up Birthplace Matters ) We successfully lobbied and brought international attention from prominent figures in the world of birth to this little corner of Norfolk. Since then I have actively campaigned on other matters nationally which impinge on the rights of mothers to choose where and how they give birth to their babies, including most recently in the Independent Midwives bid to determine their own insurance arrangements, when I spoke at a rally on International Day of The Midwife outside the NMC’s buildings, and later, in talks with the NMC president Jackie Smith herself.

Alongside my doula work I also write. I am the author of Go With The Flow Mindfulness For Pregnancy and Birth Cards and Guidebook, also available as an app, which you can buy via my sister website Go With The Flow Birth School They are proving very popular with individual mamas and I am receiving amazing feedback from antenatal teachers who use them in their class.

I am now bringing my unique Go With The Flow Method to more women by teaching my own Antenatal Classes in Kings Lynn. Please refer to my facebook page for details of upcoming classes

An active member of Doula UK, I formally trained as a doula with Nurturing Birth in 2011 and studied with Virginia Bobro from ‘Birthing From Within’.