Blooming Marvellous

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” How does the meadow flower it’s bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold “

~ William Wordsworth


Isn’t it amazing how a tiny, tiny bud can contain something so magnificent?

This thought strikes me whenever I look at my favourite flower, the peony. So much potential stored inside ready to burst out of such a tight little ball! And when it opens freely and of its own will – boooom!!! Wow!!!! A miracle was waiting inside. A great glorious ruffle of beautiful petals.

The birth of a flower and the birth of a baby and the birth of a mother are really not all that different.

Our transition from woman to mother involves changes on every level. We grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, undergoing no less of a miraculous transformation than that of tight bud to bursting bloom.

As our babies grow inside us, we carry along with them, the seed of the mother that we are to become.

We too, along with our babies, must “break on through to the other side” as Jim Morrison sang – in other words we have to go through a major transition, a risky process, a difficult thing  - just like a seed risks everything by daring to burst through the soil and be exposed to the elements.

As we birth our babies, we give birth to our new selves. We are in fact as much of a baby, as much of a fledgling as our young ones, we too are vulnerable and need tending and nurturing and protecting, just as our babies do.

Just as flowers bloom best in soil and a position that they like, our experience as birthing women and mothers depends very much on type of  ’soil’ we are in and our suitability to it, on the elements to which we are exposed, on our companion plants, and the kind of gardeners who tend to us.

Some of us grow in wild places. Some grow in orchards. Some grow in structured, formal gardens. Some in greenhouses. Some in hot places. Some in unlikely places.

We are all like flowers growing in our own particular place and climate.

Some need little or no support at all and grow organically, some need a little propping up, some need transplanting gently to a better spot. Some are tended by gentle and imaginative gardeners, others by not-so-gentle ones.

No matter what – all flowers reach for the sun and deserve the care of loving, gentle gardeners in tune with the seasons and the rhythms of nature.

The hardships of birth and motherhood are the manure which will help a mama flower to grow stronger, and taller, and more majestic.

May you and your baby grow with love, dear mama-to-be!

May your roots be nourished and your petals have good access to sunshine and rain. May you be sheltered when you need shelter. May you have good companions.

And you too Daddies – you are flowers just the same…..

“Inside every man lives the seed of a flower. When he looks within he finds beauty and power ” –  ’Les Fleurs’ by Minnie Riperton.

May you all blossom and bloom – mamas, daddies and babes